The Sunshine Blogger Award

Blogging is hard; especially when you first start off. There's not only the brainstorming of content and trying to post regularly, but you have to promote you blog posts so they can get enough attention and then there's that dreadful feeling of having such a small audience it feels like you're talking to no one.... Continue Reading →

Getting My First Tattoo

June of this year (2018) was kind of a big deal for me; I crossed off a major item on my bucket list, joined the California masses, and got my very first tattoo! I’ve known since I was twelve or thirteen that I wanted quite a few tattoos, but like most ‘virgin canvases,’ I wasn’t ready... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of a New Journey

Somewhere in the universe, a terrified young adult types away at her keyboard... Will she succeed? Will she fail? Oh god what has she gotten herself into? These are questions I ask myself a lot. In fact, I'm sure these are questions that everyone asks themselves a lot. But for people with dreams of making... Continue Reading →

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