Basic Bullet Journaling Ideas

Bullet journaling has been a lifesaver these past few months; my life has continued to get busier, so staying organized and inspired to do all the things I love can be a real struggle sometimes. Journaling is so important for any writer because it’s a great tool to organize your thoughts and practice your writing. Every writer can attest to the benefits of writing every day!

But let’s be honest, sometimes writing in a journal can feel tedious and boring; you just don’t feel like it, you don’t have the time, and sometimes you genuinely feel like there’s nothing to write about. Anybody else have an abandoned diary laying around somewhere?

That’s exactly why I’ve turned to bullet journaling recently; it’s a lot more fun, it allows for more creativity and it helps me stay organized. A bullet journal is kinda like a journal, a planner and a calendar all rolled into one place. It’s incredibly convenient, and you can include pretty much anything you want because it’s meant to be creative.

If you’re still feeling stuck, you can check out my Bullet Journal Pinterest board, I’ve got lots of examples on there, plus ideas I’d eventually like to try in my own BuJo!

I started my current (and first!) bullet journal earlier this year, in July. It’s safe to say that it’s a bit of a hot mess in some spots, and that I am by no means an expert on bullet journaling. I’m still learning, and I thought I would share some ideas along the way 🙂

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          |What to Include in Your Bullet Journal|


  • Monthly Overview
    Create this page at the beginning of each month, and use it as a calendar, reminder, and tracker. Take note of any birthdays, holidays, and special events that month. Write down some goals you want to accomplish by the end of the month, mark the days when work or school projects are due, and write down the books you want to read or movies coming out that month you really want to see.
  • Daily Log
    Each morning before you get out of bed, complete your daily log; I like to write down my morning thoughts. Make a checklist for chores or errands you need to complete that day, projects/homework assignments that need to be done, your work schedule, any appointments, and important reminders.
  • Monthly Review
    At the end of the month, make a ‘review log’ to look back at everything that happened. What books did you read? Check off all the days you accomplished your daily goal. Were there any special events or days that happened? What song did you listen to most, or did you discover new music? What are your favorite things for the month? Get creative!
    • Habit tracker for getting up/going to bed on time
    • Blog post/instagram pic ideas
    • Weight loss goals/tracker
    • Financial goals
    • Savings fund tracker
    • Planned workouts/exercise log
    • Date ideas
    • List of things that made you happy
    • Grocery shopping list
    • Cleaning schedule/checklist
    • Organization ideas
    • Things to buy
    • Dream journal
    • Song/quote etc. of the day
    • Self care ideas/comforting messages to yourself
    • ‘Adulting’ things you need to learn
    • Hydration tracker/water drinking goal
    • Menstruation tracker
    • Daily/monthly writing/word count goal
    • Full-page journal entries
    • Vacation planning
    • Meal plans/recipes to try
    • Important contacts
    • DIY to-do’s
    • Wish list
    • Favorite quotes
    • Favorites lists (songs, movies, etc)
    • Seasonal bucket list
    • Morning routine
    • Nighttime routine
    • Playlists
    • Daily/monthly/weekly mood tracker
    • Bucket list 




Get creative, good luck, and have fun!



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