The Sunshine Blogger Award


Blogging is hard; especially when you first start off. There’s not only the brainstorming of content and trying to post regularly, but you have to promote you blog posts so they can get enough attention and then there’s that dreadful feeling of having such a small audience it feels like you’re talking to no one. Everyone starts small, and it can be hard to get traffic or enough attention to make it feel like you’re doing anything, which is precisely why I’m so excited to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

This is like a tag; the Sunshine Blogger Award is a chain blogging exercise that nominates participants; you must tag people whom you believe to be creative, inspirational, and positive! Those who are nominated are asked a set series of questions before nominating other bloggers. I was nominated Shannon at Little Sea Bear, thank you, Shannon!



1: What is the most inspiring thing you have seen/heard? Why and what was the effect of this?

Wow, Shannon, jumping straight to the difficult questions! Maybe this is a bit of a cop out since it’s the first thing I thought of, but I’m going to say J.K Rowling’s writing career. I mean think about it, she went from not even being able to pay her own bills to becoming the first person to EVER become a billionaire by writing books in less than 10 years. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

2: What are you passionate about and why?

Books and writing are my number one passion, and they always will be. Check out my First Tattoo post for further explanation.

3: Which fictional character has stuck with you the most?

This answer is surprisingly easy for me, and it’s Holden Caulfield from ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D Salinger. This book heavily deals with themes of chronic depression and social anxiety, and as that was the time in my life that I was finally getting better through therapy and treatment, it was so refreshing to have a character who I could relate to so much in how he viewed the world, as that was something I really never had up until that point.

4: What is one thing you hope to do in your lifetime?

I’m cheating and listing 3 things;

  • Get married
  • Publish a novel
  • Open my own used bookstore

5: Who is your favorite author and why?

This is kind of a hard question because I jump around from author to author so much that it’s rare that I find a writer that I’ve read more than one book written by them. For right now I’ll say Stephen King, because I’ve read both Carrie and Salem’s Lot and I thoroughly enjoyed both.

6: What was the last book you read?

The Last book I read was The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R Carey, and let me tell you, that book messed me up! The ending was very sudden, extremely sad, but also with a shining glimmer of hope. It’s a fascinating Sci-Fi novel and it’s such a unique take on the zombie genre, I highly recommend it.

7: What is your biggest pet peeve and why?

This is kind of a two-parter; my first biggest pet peeve are kids who are not well-disciplined. I work with kids five days a week and for the most part it’s fun and rewarding, but there’s nothing worse than kids who are disrespectful, selfish, or entitled. My siblings and I were all raised to have the utmost respect for adults and to treat everyone else the way you want to be treated, so seeing parents who genuinely don’t care if their kids misbehave is extremely frustrating.

The second thing is anyone who is entitled or disrespectful towards other people; if you start yelling at the barista at Starbucks for not having soy milk for your drink, you’re a bad person, period.

8: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up compared to now?

I wanted to be a zookeeper, or cop. Now I just want to stay at home and write books!

9: What is something that you’ve never done, but would like to try?

Cage diving with sharks. I know, to some people that probably sounds absolutely insane, but I absolutely love sharks and care for them deeply even though I am terrified of. I think cage diving would be such an amazing, thrilling experience that I definitely would never forget!

10: If you could try out any job for a week, what would you choose to try?

A zookeeper 100%! Getting to have such close bonds and care for amazing wild animals, while working to save species and conserve wildlife sounds like such an amazing and rewarding profession.


Thank you for reading through all my answers and getting to the end of this post 🙂 Now I’m going to share my nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and the questions my nominees will have to answer. But first, the rules!


  • Nominees must list these rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award badge (top of post) in their post.
  • You must thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 10 questions that the person who nominated you asked
  • Nominate up to 12 other bloggers whom you think should receive the award, and ask them 10 new questions.

Here we go!



  1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  2. What was your favorite and least favorite subjects in high school, and why?
  3. Who is your biggest OTP, and your biggest NOTP?
  4. Which fictional creature, character, or world would you wish into existence, if you could?
  5. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written?
  6. What are the top three destinations on your travel list?
  7. Who was your biggest childhood crush?
  8. If you could travel back to any time period, where would you want to go?
  9. Which book/books have impacted your life the most up to this point?
  10. What is your biggest unpopular opinion?

Thanks for reading and joining me today!






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