6 Simple Writing Activities to Beat Writer’s Block

We’ve all had restless writer syndrome; the overwhelming urge to create something, to sit down and just BAM!, speed type a really amazing novel right then and there… but more often than not, unless you’re already actively working on a project, a lot of us just tend to sit around, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Today I’m going to give you six easy and fun writing activities for when you feel like writing, but don’t have any inspiration or don’t know what to work on, because nothing sucks more than staring at a blinking cursor!

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1: Find Some Writing Prompts!

These have got to be the easiest ways to quickly get inspired to write something great, and you can find great writing prompts with just a quick google search. Create a one-shot, short story, or maybe even an idea for an entire novel with just a basic concept!

2: Interview Your Characters

This is something that’s both really fun to do, and also allows you to practice writing dialogue from different points of view, or getting the feel for a character’s quirks. You can find guided ‘character questionnaires’ all sorts of places on the internet, or feel free to write your own interview questions. Write the answers in your character’s voice and dialogue.

3: Make Lists

Everyone likes making lists, even if it’s something silly or superficial like ‘best celebrity eyebrows’, I feel like list writing always makes me feel accomplished, organized, and happy. Write out a bunch of lists of things like ‘things that make me happy’, ‘things I’ve always wanted to learn how to do’, or ‘the best ways to make me feel happy’.

4: Research Adjectives

Head over to Thesaurus.com (or just a dictionary if you’re old-school) and find a bunch of cool new words you’ve never heard of before. How many ways can you find to write the word ‘exciting’?

5: Edit an Old Writing Project

Practice your grammar and formatting skills by finding an old chapter, short story, essay, or poem you wrote and fix it up to the best of your ability (and try not to cringe too hard while doing so).

6: Write a Description For Your Book

Even if it’s not finished yet, writing a really strong description for your book is an important skill to have as a writer, especially if you want to eventually publish your work; you’ll have to include a brief description in your query letter! Look at some of the books on your own shelves for inspiration.


Of course, these are just a few ideas that are usually my go-to when it comes to quick, easy, and fun writing activities. The best part about all these is that even if you aren’t actively working on your current writing project, you are still flexing your writing muscles and practicing your writing and literary skills, and that’s always a good thing!

The best of luck to you and your writing adventures!


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  1. Great post! Would also recommend trying writing in a different location to your usual spot – supposedly this helps the brain to think differently and may help generate new ideas 🙂


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