|50 Facts About Me|

Yes, I understand that the ’50 Facts About Me’ tag is a YouTube thing, but given that I don’t have a YouTube channel [yet… ;)], I’m going to do it here for my blog, as a little get to know me piece!

I’m not the most interesting person in the world, but I did try to think of the the most interesting facts about myself, which honestly took awhile. So I hope none of this is too boring. Enjoy!~

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1: I wrote my first book when I was around 5 years old; it was called Mr. Stinky Cat and Mrs. Perfume cat, and it was basically a very odd retelling of Romeo and Juliette.

2: I have an 80’s movie obsession; my mom started introducing me to 80’s movies when I was around 10 and I couldn’t thank her more for it! Some of my favorites include The Goonies, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Lost Boys, Home Alone, E.T, and Stand By Me.

3: My mom taught me to read and write, along with all 4 of my siblings; she’s very proud that she taught 5 people how to read and write, and I don’t blame her, it’s pretty impressive. Actually, this fact leads into my next 3 facts;

4: I was homeschooled my entire life; right up to graduating high school! I never went to public or private school, all of my education was done from home by my mom and I think it’s probably one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.

5: I come from a pretty large family; I have a twin sister, a teen brother, a preteen sister, and then another little brother. Basically it’s very loud in our household and privacy can be hard to get!

6: My Meyer-Briggs personality type is INTJ; if you’re unfamiliar with this system, INTJ is one of the rarest personality types, and in fact is the rarest personality type for a woman.

7: I’m a Slytherin; for a long time I was convinced that I was a Hufflepuff (anyone who knows me personally will think this is hilarious), but that quickly changed once I grew up and realized I don’t like people or going out in public.

8: I was a competitive gymnast for 6 years; I always have been (and still am) a very athletic person; my parents put my twin sister and I in gymnastics class when we were two or three, and we just kept going for a long time. My favorite apparatus was balance beam, and in fact my name was often the ‘beam queen’ at competitions. I still watch gymnastics all the time, and I’m very proud of the fact that I can still do the splits and all types of flips.

9: I’m a proud goth girl; I guess this is kind of a cop-out fact given my blog title, but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  I was always into more dark and morbid stuff throughout my childhood, so when I started learning about the goth scene and what it was all about it just really fit and made sense to me. The music is one of my favorite aspects of the scene, and some of my favorite goth bands are Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cruxshadows, The Birthday Massacre, and Motionless in White. (MIW isn’t technically goth, but they have a lot of dark wave influences so I’m allowing it!)

10: I LOVE horror movies; horror movies are one of my biggest passions, and were also a big gateway for me into the goth scene. My dad and I bond a lot through horror movies, and have our own tradition that we always go see a new horror movie together when it hits theaters. Some of my favorites (and there’s A LOT) include the Saw franchise, the Conjuring franchise, Train to Busan, It Follows, Hellraiser, An American Werewolf in London, Scream, Cabin in the Woods… I could go on for quite awhile. (Should I do a blog post about horror movies??)

11: I was born in Okinawa, Japan; both of my parents were in the military and stationed in Japan at the time my twin sister and I were born. Unfortunately we moved away when I was about a year old, so I have no memories of my time there.

12: I’m a Leo; my birthday is July 24th! I’m almost right on the cusp of being a Cancer, and my twin sister definitely inherited a lot of those more emotional Cancer traits.

13: I have hyper mobility in my shoulders; I was born with double-jointed shoulders so I’ve always been able to do those freaky moves you see bone breaking dancers do, without any training. Basically I have very useless flexibility, if only I was that flexible in my back, I could be a contortionist… oh well.

14: I read and collect Tarot cards; the history of tarot is super interesting to me, and some of the artwork is absolutely amazing. In fact, I use tarot to help me come up with plot points and characters when I’m trying to work on a new novel! Just lay some cards down and try to put together a story from the pictures and meanings. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

15: I am a type 1 bipolar; I’ll probably never go into great details about my mental illness (partially because most people will probably find it boring, and also because it’s quite personal), but it’s something that’s made my life a lot harder, and it took me awhile to get on the proper medication and get properly diagnosed as well.

16: I’m obsessed with Taco Bell; this is going to sound really disgusting to some people, but Taco Bell is may go-to fast food restaurant, I love it, it’s delicious, even though I know it’s absolutely horrible for you. It’s a good thing I don’t eat out that much and that I actually enjoy eating healthy and exercising because if not, I’d probably weigh like three hundred pounds and it would all be because of Taco Bell!

17: I believe in ghosts; an interesting fact about me is that I really never believed in ghosts or hauntings until other people in my family started getting obsessed with a television show called Ghost Adventures, and after starting to watch it, that’s what got me into believing in ghosts. Now there’s no doubt in my mind that ghosts, spirits, and hauntings are real, and everyone in my family still routinely watches Ghost Adventures, it’s one of our favorite shows.

18: I’m a huge Disney fan; I’ve seen almost every Disney movie a multitude of times, and have been to both Disney World and Disneyland numerous times as well. (My sister and I are actually going to Disneyland next month and we’re super excited about it!) My favorite Disney movies are Up, The Princess and the Frog, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

(a little bonus fact, I’m actually obsessed with The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack; I have it saved on my Spotify and listen to it almost every day!)

19: Spiderman and Black Panther are my favorite super heroes; I legit wanted to be Spiderman when I was a kid; I’ve always loved the plot lines and villains of that story, and I’ve always thought Black Panther was just super cool and badass, and I got insanely excited when it was finally announced that they were doing a Black Panther movie, and were gonna add him to the avengers.

20: I’m a big Shakespeare fan; I’ve read almost all of the Shakespeare plays, and my absolute favorite one is Much Ado About Nothing.

21: I’ve never been to a concert; as of writing this post, I have never been to a concert in my 20 years of existence.

22: I’m terrified of elevators; they make me extremely uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Unless they’re one of those glass elevators where you can see out, I feel like they’re little danger death boxes.

23: I have 5 piercings; I recently had 6 piercings, the sixth being an industrial on my right ear, but it got infected so I had to take it out, but I’d really like to get that, along with my bellybutton done!

24: My favorite unhealthy food is macaroni and cheese; I just think it’s so delicious, I could eat multiple bowls of mac and cheese in one sitting.

25: I am bisexual; I came out when I was eighteen or nineteen, but for awhile I had no idea what ‘bisexual’ was or that it even existed. But when I finally discovered that word and learned its meaning everything in my life made a whole lot more sense, it’s like a light bulb suddenly switched on in my head.

26: Throughout my childhood I was obsessed with ancient Egypt; I’m not entirely sure why but I just that that egyptology was the coolest thing ever. The history, the Pantheon, especially the symbols and hieroglyphics. For a long time I really wanted to be mummified when I died. (Did I mention I’ve always been a strangely-morbid person?)

27: I’m currently obsessed with the Victorian era; I feel like this time period tends to get swept under the rug of ‘things most people don’t find interesting but they definitely should’. The Victorian era culture, fashion, and customs have actually influenced a lot of what we do today. Modern BDSM was invented during the Victorian era, along with body building, and more mundane things like typewriters, toilets, and ice cream! If I could live every day of my life in Gothic Victorian garb, I 100% would.

28: My number one fear is drowning; I feel like drowning is one of the absolute worst ways to die; the claustrophobia mixed with not being able to breathe is just terrible. And the fact that I can’t even hold my breath for thirty seconds just makes it way worse, because if I was ever in that situation I’d be screwed.

29: I’m an astrophile; I have a big obsession with outer space, and I often study astronomy on my own time because I just think it’s so cool. I have favorite constellations, favorite stars, and favorite planets. In another life far away in which I’m actually good at math, I make my living as an astrophysicist. Which leads to the next fact…

30: I am utterly horrid at math; so bad that math problems tend to freak me out. I get nervous and sweaty just thinking about it, it’s always been a big insecurity of mine. Yeah… I HATE math.

31: I’m very claustrophobic; this ties in a lot with the elevators and drowning thing, but being in small enclosed spaces or large crowds make me extremely uncomfortable and prone to panic attacks, it’s just a very overwhelming feeling for me.

32: I’m a casual KPop fan; if you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year you’ve probably noticed that Kpop has exploded in popularity recently, but I just need you to know I liked it before it was cool! I don’t listen to it super often, but I definitely have some favorite groups, songs and music videos that I absolutely love. If you’re curious, you should definitely check out Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby by my ultimate favorite group BIGBANG.

33: I have a major fascination with symbols; this probably sounds a bit random, and that’s probably because it is, but I think symbols are just super cool and interesting. Things like Egyptian hieroglyphics, Ogham, Norse runes, and astrological symbols really draw me in.

34: I collect animal bones; if this grosses you out, don’t worry, I always clean and sanitize any bones I find 🙂 I also collect a number of other natural oddities like feathers, hag stones, and teeth. I also have a birds’ nest and a wasp nest sitting on one of my shelves. I’ve always had an eye for the strange and bizarre, and one day I hope my home is full of oddities!

35: If I had a superpower, I would want it to be either telekinesis, or the ability to read people’s minds; I’ve always been super fascinated by the idea of having super powers, and somehow I feel like having a power that sort ‘under the radar’ could make one even more powerful.

36: My heritage consists primarily of Irish, German, and Scottish; basically, I’m VERY white, and it’s a major bucket list item for me to visit all three of those countries one day!

37: My biggest childhood crush was Harrison Ford; a funny story, my twin sister and I both had a big crush on Mr. Ford, but I only liked him as Han Solo, and she only liked him as Indiana Jones.

38: If I could wish any mythical creature into existence, I would choose dragons; I’ve always had a major infatuation with dragons, and read tons of books about them and always included them in my earliest stories. My little sister takes after me in that aspect, because she’s obsessed with dragons as well, and is always drawing them.

39: I used to write a lot of poetry; it’s definitely a cliche for edgy, depressed teenagers to write bad poetry, but in reality poetry was a major outlet for me during the height of my depression, and all of my poems were actually pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

40: I really want to learn German; I almost took German my junior and senior years of high school, but decided against it at the last minute because I already had an insanely busy schedule. My parents also weren’t too thrilled about German as a second language, because it’s kind of useless to learn, unless you plan on living in Germany. I also want to learn Spanish and Japanese, but hey, one thing at a time, right?

41: I have a major fascination with true crime; I’ve read a couple of books, and read/watched countless articles and videos about serial killers, mass murderers, and unsolved mysteries. The idea that such horrible people and occurrences have and will always exist is a strange, but highly interesting phenomenon to me. Some of my favorite people/ cases to study are Jeffrey Dahmer,  the Columbine Massacre, Edmund Kemper, and Jack the Ripper.

42: I’m a writer; for anyone who has seen my ‘First Tattoo’ post, you will know that writing is my biggest passion in life, and my biggest goal is to become a successful published author one day. I have so many stories I want to write it can be hard to keep track, but the current tally is 8 horror novels, 4 Y.A novels + a 6 book Y.A series, 3 middle grade novels + a 5 book middle grade series, and 5 children’s picture books. Yeah, I should probably write more…

43: I used to be bullied because I was homeschooled; kids can be really vicious and mean to each other, and for a long time during my earlier childhood I got made fun of a lot by the older girls at gymnastics because, according to them, the reason I was homeschooled was because I wasn’t smart enough to go to school with everyone else.

44: I really enjoy people watching; I’ve done a lot of people watching in my life, and I could spend countless more hours doing so. I like trying to guess things about people from afar, and a lot of my characters in my books are inspired by people I’ve observed.

45: People always think I’m much older than I really am; when I was 16 my physical therapist said that he thought I was around 23, and when I was 15 and at a hotel bar with my mom, a guy was hitting on me and swore up and down that he thought I was 21 or 22. Everyone I meet always tells me I have an aura of maturity about me, so this probably contributes to it a lot.

46: When I was a little kid I was obsessed with mermaids; I spent so much time at the pools during the summer with my goggles on, and my legs and feet pressed together swimming like a mermaid and pretending that the water slide and dunking buckets in the kids’ pool was part of the underwater mermaid kingdom. I also really hated getting my hair cut, because obviously my hair had to be long enough to cover my boobs when it was pulled in front.

47: I’m a cat person; that’s not to say I don’t like dogs because I LOVE dogs, but if I could only own dogs or cats for the rest of my life, I would choose cats. The have such a unique charisma and spirit to them.

48: Halloween is my favorite holiday; this really shouldn’t be too big of a surprise since I already love all things weird and spooky. Scary movies, candies, Halloween decorations and the ancient Celtic traditions of Samhain? I’m obsessed with it all!

49: I’m notorious for being terrible in the kitchen; I’ve done everything from turning cake frosting into slush (still have no idea how that happened), to burning toast in the microwave (something my family members STILL haven’t let go). Thankfully in recent years I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking and baking, even though last Christmas I broke my mom’s beloved KitchenAid mixer my dropping a measuring cup in it…

50: I used to be a hipster; during my early teen years, I was a very pretentious hipster; I always wore sweaters, glasses, and a messy bun, I refused to read Y.A books because they were ~dumb~ and I pretty much only listened to indie folk music. Despite how it sounds though, I don’t think I was too bad, I was respectful of other people’s opinions and wasn’t afraid to like popular stuff too.


Whew, we’ve finally reached the end! If you stuck with this post all the way through the end I applaud you, because it was even a bit tedious for me to write! Please like check out some other posts here on my blog, and check me out on Instagram at gothgirl_reads!

Q: Should I do posts about horror movies, the Victorian era, or tarot? Let me know in the comments!  Until next time,


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