The Beginning of a New Journey

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Somewhere in the universe, a terrified young adult types away at her keyboard…

Will she succeed? Will she fail? Oh god what has she gotten herself into?

These are questions I ask myself a lot. In fact, I’m sure these are questions that everyone asks themselves a lot. But for people with dreams of making a living from artistic endeavours, these questions can turn into big, terrifying clouds of doubt and what-ifs, mixed with the voices of all the people in your life who are constantly asking you if you’re ever going to get a real job. Ugh, adulting sucks.

But here I am; starting up my book blog because books have always played a major role in my life.

Most nights throughout my childhood, I sat snuggled under the covers with my sister and my mom as she read to us, staring up at the ceiling as visions of adventure and prose danced and swirled in my head. I always had a book with me, no matter where I went, and snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a great story was always the key factor to surviving the many sleepless nights my bipolar disorder often left me in my early teens.

But now as a young adult finding my way through life, I’ve started this blog as a means of sharing my passion for reading, as well as detailing the many ups and downs of life as a writer hoping to make it big one day. I hope you’ll join me in my many adventures and victories, no matter how small. Expect new posts Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on a variety of topics within the book loving, reading, and writing genres. Hope to see you soon!



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